People too have hands and faces. The clockmaker knew what made them tick. “One question,” he said feeling my face. “Got the time?” @J3xf

We stood above the highway, taillights like rubies on the curve of a neck. The city a gift you gave me, one I wouldn”t wear. @mainewriter

Look up, black and tangled fingers, tracing constellations across a pink sky, a mother”s silken hands cradling the moon. @FrancesMRoth

you wear morning with gold and salt, nude/
for the universe you are born of./


Austrian National Libray

cold curve of mirror/
echoes my spine,/
your stomach./
in pictures/
only our hands,/
our backs./


Typography Porn: 100 Years of Title Design in Film

From the highly stylized introductions of the James Bond franchise to Woody Allen’s minimalist black-and-white template, opening credits in movies have a curious history.

"Originally created for a Honda commercial in September 2008, the Civic Musical Road consists of strategically placed grooves that, when driven over, produce the musical notes to the finale of Rossini’s ‘William Tell Overture.’"

The President takes the baby from its mom. She hurls it into the air. It explodes, showering her with ticker tape. @Markywriter